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August 31st, 2016 by J

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, as the old saying goes, but this never dies especially when you are to face a brokenhearted lady who has nothing but anger and ready to strike back. Then again it doesn’t always have to end in such manner and Jennifer Esposito has another idea on how to get her girlfriend back on track and eventually back on the market after her partner left her with a broken heart. She swings by her place and wanted to just hear her out and see her cry and all the works but instead they ended up in a more pleasurable fix for this nasty problem and they have it all on video.

Naughty Jennifer Esposito having wild sex with her hot girlfriend

Misery loves company alright and it’s also very open to pleasure, may it be from a man or another woman, depending on how hot and willing your friend is. Luckily, Esposito and her GF are both sexy bitches who would pass for porn stars doing other girls and spending time eating and finger-banging wet cunts. Esposito has watched porn with a lot of these scenes and felt the need to apply with her lonely friend, who suddenly springs back to life with excitement the moment they started eating each other up. Esposito was determined to make her friend feel better and forget about her heartaches so she went on further with the kinky game and rubbed her GF’s pussy silly until she cums on the bed. Watch their full lesbian clip here and you might feel the need to console this chick as well after this, provided that you got the hots and charm that could make her drop those panties and unhook her bra, just like she did when she sees Esposito in the bedroom.

Jennifer Esposito gives one hot blowjob

April 14th, 2016 by J

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Whenever Jennifer Esposito isn’t dancing or modelling, she stretches her muscles by going down on her lover and giving him a blowjob. She likes sucking on a cock so much that these homemade sex tapes don’t always end up with her getting banged in her cunt.

Cocksucking Jennifer Esposito banged hard in a gym

March 8th, 2016 by J

If you think you already know what she did last summer, I bet you never knew about this video. It’s a spur of the moment kinda thing, totally unplanned and you know, just happened. Inside the gym, when chicks started sweating it out, they seem to attract the opposite sex more because they look so delish when their nips poke through those wet white tops and those ass take the shape of their spandex so damn good. Same story with this hottie and she got everything on camera. She was just supposed to meet up a pal for coffee and talk about plans for a new project on TV but it got more interesting as they started feeling each other’s toned body and things heat up real quick.

Jennifer Esposito fucking in a gym

Getting down on her knees in an instant she felt her friend’s cock grown inside his pants and opened her mouth wide to have a taste. She got his pre cum and this made her squirm in delight. Wanting more, she let him grab her by the ass and drag her on some kinda bench press. She just need to bend over and give him her space in between those tight thighs and take his thrusts full force. This is way hotter than any espresso that they might have been ordering, yeah? Watch Jennifer Esposito get banged deep from behind and you’ll never see her the same way again when watching that suspense thriller movie.

Jennifer Esposito’s Sexy Nude Photos

September 30th, 2010 by LimaBean

hot jennifer esposito naked

Being a hot television and film actress, you’d expect some naughty escapades from Jennifer Esposito.  And you wouldn’t be disappointed.  With hot latina looks like that and a job like hers, you know that temptations to misbehave abound, and sometime Jennifer does give in, because it’s just so damn fun!  Wouldn’t you get naughty too, if you had the right stuff to do it with?  She definitely has it, as can be seen in some of these topless photographs of Jennifer Esposito.
hot jennifer esposito nude
Going topless for the camera, you can see she’s got a tight, slender body that’s just so sexy even without huge titties to mesmerize you.  And then there’s her shot wearing no panties, as she flashes pink at the camera.  Now that’s one spicy latina babe right there! For more of this muy caliente mamacita,  check out these Jennifer Esposito naked photos.
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Jennifer Esposito’s naked lesbian action

April 27th, 2010 by LimaBean

Because life is good and full of surprises, it decided to throw us a big blowout by giving us these totally hot pictures of my dream girl, Jennifer Esposito naked with the very hot Jennifer Connelly. Well what do you know…two Jennifers sure do make it right! So right that in these pics, you see them both fully naked scissoring each others and rubbing their sweet pussies together while smiling for the camera.

I’m thinking it’s booze. Or maybe their fading careers led them to this final act of desperation. Whatever the reason is, all I can see is that my cock is loving it. Man, I’ve  always loved her Italian-American beauty and her slender physique. Plus, I’ve a thing for chicks with cute dimples…something about those that makes me want to stain them with my cum. Let me stop this erotic madness in my head and let you enjoy the rest of the extremly wild pics of Jennifer Esposito lesbian action and hard wild fucking HERE.

Jennifer is sexy in a bikini

January 20th, 2010 by LimaBean

This is the reason why the Mexico-California divide is deliberately run by lackadaisical border patrol officers who turn a blind eye to fugitives sprinting for the American life. Everyone knows that they do it because there’s a good chance that some of those fence hoppers might actually populate Hollywood with exotic beauties that the A-list palefaces have failed to represent. To grampaw Esposito: hats off to you, señor, for the blood that spawned this beauty. And the media agrees too: these photos are from a sexy, if not out-of-date issue of Shape Magazine, with Jennifer Esposito gracing the cover in this sweet two-piece number. While naked pictures of Jennifer Esposito are what you’re after, I always believe that a dash of glamour ups the appeal of said naked pictures. We do have the rest of Jennifer Esposito’s glamorous bikini pictures, if you wanted to check them out.

Would Jennifer make it as a pornstar?

January 20th, 2010 by LimaBean

Jennifer Esposito’s career hasn’t really taken off yet, has it? I’m sure she’s a brilliant actress and all that, but she could be a case of asking the wrong question to a right answer. In other words, her role has been miscast in the acting industry is my opinion. And what does a celebrity do when her career takes a nosedive? Stir up a scandal. Fake a nipslip. Die from drug overdose. For god’s sake, make a fucking sex tape and watch it go viral in a matter of hours. But in Jennifer’s case, there’s really no career that needs saving yet, so to speak, so a desperate scenario like hers calls for desperate measures. To be blunt: turn to porn. Chicks over the legal age are earning dirty money (and a constantly aroused cult following) over there in the sleazier section of Hollywood, not to mention a salary bonus in the form of paid sex. Jennifer certainly fits the bill to play a pornstar: she’s a hot chick, she’s got the bouyant tits needed for the cowgirl scenes, and the pussy that’s right for the ripping. Be the preliminary judges to Jennifer Esposito’s hot, exploitably naked pictures and click on the link. The volume of cum stains determines your judgment, so get to pumpin’.

Disrobing Jennifer Esposito’s curves

January 20th, 2010 by LimaBean

Despite the strong jaw that makes Jennifer Esposito a bit on the angular side, the rest of her is still all feminine curves and soft corners. Unconvinced? Well, if she’s curvy enough to lure in a guy for a good fuck, would that change your mind? How about pictures of said fuck to convince you and give you a boner to boot? Yeah, well as they say, a picture is worth etcetera etcetera, so I’ll shut up.

Stop worrying about cutting your neck with that sharp jawline of hers, you guys; it’s all well and good from the neck down. Now, I’m not suggesting that Jennifer’s a shrimp–you know, you eat the body, throw away the head–she’s actually got the good genes on her side, not to mention a talent for screwing herself onto black cock and managing to strike a pose for the camera at the same time. Which is also a nod to her apparent feline and acrobatic skills; the chick must have done aggressive calisthenics in her youth. So that must mean her pussy’s flexible enough to take in every type of cock out there: tootsie rolls, frankfurters, footlongs, and chocolate-dipped baseball bats our brothers in the hood like to swing about.

The chicks are lapping it up too for seconds, and Jennifer’s not too much of a picky eater to refuse. Actually, it’s her pussy that’s being eaten, so that makes her the non-picky entree for the lesbians wanting a munch on the carpet. Of course, if you guys (and gals) got horny at the couple of teasers up there, you shouldn’t worry about searching fruitlessly for hardcore fuck pictures of Jennifer Esposito, because they’re all right here.